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Window 10 CompatibleCommand Line Email Sending Tool Send Email From the Command Line Command Line Email Sending Tool, email - Send mail via CMD console isimSoftware Command Line Email Sending Toolis a simpler command line tool to send email using SMTP. It doesnt have fancy features such as loading config from an external file, password encryption, GUI, error codes and etc. - Command Line Email Sending Tool Command Line Utility to Easily Send Email Using SMTP. (Copyright 2019) COMMANDLINEEMAILSENDINGTOOL [command line options] Examples: 1. COMMANDLINEEMAILSENDINGTOOL / / / /subject:'Hello there!' /body:'Hi, this is my message...' 2. COMMANDLINEEMAILSENDINGTOOL / /; / /file:C:\Mail\Message.txt /ssl 3. COMMANDLINEEMAILSENDINGTOOL / / / /file:C:\Mail\Message.txt /attachment:C:\Pic1.jpg;C:\Mail\Logs.log /confirm

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